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Hair Care Routine Steps For Different Hair Types

Hair Care Routine Steps For Different Hair Types
Hair Care Routine Steps for Different hair type

In this article, you know about some amazing and natural Hair Care Routine steps. You ought to have heard of Bad Hair Day, have not you? The day whilst we must exit someplace and our hair is not in its original shape, that is, it looks terrible, then it’s far known as Bad Hair Day in not unusual language. Have you ever questioned why it’s a far horrific hair day? Our hair usually appears terrible despite the fact that we want it, it would not have the soar and versatility this is often shown in TV advertisements. 

Truth be informed, just a few hair care products proven in advertisements are definitely proper. But we are able to attempt domestic remedies to take the right care of our hair which now not simplest deliver shine on your hair but also keep it wholesome.


  • Hair Care Routine for Freezy hair
  • Hair Care Routine for Thin Hair
  • Hair Care Routine for Damage Hair
  • Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth
  • Hair Care Routine for Curly Hairs
  • Hair Care Routine for Straight Hairs

Hair Care Routine for Freezy hair

With the change of season, many types of problems start in the hair too. Even beautiful and silky hair becomes frizzy. In such a situation, if your hair is dry and curly, then you take various measures to make it beautiful. Actually silky and beautiful hair enhances the beauty of women manifold. Whereas frizzy hair, lifeless and dry hair spoils your whole look. In such a situation, people also take many hair treatments to straighten frizzy or curly hair.

Not only this, with the help of expensive hair conditioners, remedies are also done to remove the frizziness of the hair. But if you follow some tips then you can manage your frizzy hair.

How to Manage Frizzy Hair:

Hair Care Routine for Freezy hair

Don’t sleep with wet hair:

If you do not get time to wash your hair in the morning, then keep some things in mind while washing your hair at night. For example, if you are washing your hair and sleeping in wet conditions, then the hair can get damaged. In this situation, you could maintain a silk, silk, or satin pillow cover.

Use microfiber towel:

When we wipe the hair with a towel, the hair gets stuck in it and starts breaking. Whereas microfiber towels are greater being concerned with hair than cotton. Microfiber absorbs greater water than cotton towels. In one of these situations, after washing the hair, you can dry it with the help of microfiber.

Silk pillow cover:

In many instances during the nighttime, the hair starts offevolved breaking after rubbing it with a cotton pillow cover. In such a situation, you can keep a silk, silk, or satin pillow cover. This will not break your hair.

Use hair serum:

Apply hair serum or moisturizing hair oil to the hair. This will keep the hair hydrated, giving it the power to combat frizzy hair. Hair oil nourishes the hair and makes hair soft. Also, it protects the hair from frizz. Hair serum is beneficial for hair.

Hair conditioning essential:

Conditioning the hair smoothes the hair cuticles, seals in moisture, and prevents frizziness while slumbering. In such a situation, you have to encompass hair rubdown, pre or submit conditioning, and so on. It might be better in case you condition the hair with household things.

Brush hair before washing:

If you shampoo in tangled or frizzy hair, then the hair will break and fall. Therefore, before washing the hair, always comb the hair thoroughly.

Take care of diet:

Eat more and more iron, minerals, omega 3, fatty acids, etc. in your food, and eat things rich in antioxidants.

Hair Care Routine for Thin Hair

If the hair is thin and fine, then it becomes necessary to take special care of them. Especially if the hair is to be shampooed, then the thin hair should be cleaned with the utmost care, otherwise, it gets tangled and starts breaking. In such a situation, it is very important that women who have thin hair, clean their hair properly and take care of them.

Women who have thin hair should pay great attention to their shampoo and shampooing methods. So that their hair can also be cleaned well and there is no damage. So let us tell you how much hair should be cleaned with shampoo.

How to Manage Thin Hair:

Hair Care Routine for Thin Hair

Do not use hot water:

Never wash your hair with hot water. If you clean your hair with hot water, it will damage your hair and make your scalp greasy and oily. If your hair is already thin, it will look even flattered if it is greasy and oily. Hair should always be cleaned with lukewarm water. If you wash your hair with hot water, it can also cause hair fall. So take care and always clean the hair with lukewarm water only.

Use a scalp brush:

If the hair is thin, then it is most important that you massage your scalp well while shampooing. You can do the same thing with your hands, but due to thinning hair, it can get tangled and break, so you should use a scalp brush in the hair. This will massage your scalp very well. This will improve the blood circulation on the scalp and the blood will go to the hair follicles. If this happens, hair growth will improve and hair will get thicker.

Conditioning Before Shampoo:

If you have very thin hair then always wash your hair with oil only after deep conditioning. It brings shine and luster to your hair. You should massage the hair thoroughly with oil before shampooing the hair. After this, the hair should be left like this for five minutes. Due to this, the oil gets absorbed well in the hair.

After this, you should shampoo your hair. With this, your hair will not look dry after washing your hair. In the market, you will easily find conditioners that make hair thick and bring good volume to them.

Make in Length Conditioner:

Use conditioner after shampooing your hair. Keep in mind that apply conditioner only to the length of the hair. Apply conditioner to the hair in such a way that it is applied to each hair. After this leave the conditioner on the hair for 10 minutes. After that wash the hair thoroughly with water. Some people do not wash their hair properly after applying conditioner. However, if the conditioner is left in the hair, then the chances of hair fall increase.

Use this sort of shampoo:

You ought to also take note of the choice of shampoo. You have to use moderate shampoo. It will put off the oil out of your hair but will now not get rid of its moisture. Along with this, you should use shampoo which offers full extent to the hair. If you have got color for your hair, then you have to pick out shampoo according to that shade. Apart from this, your shampoo ought to incorporate biotin and collagen, it’ll make your hair thick.

Hair Care Routine for Damage Hair

The converting climate affects our pores and skin in addition to our hair. It is herbal for the hair to get broken because of sunlight and pollution, specifically in the daily run. In one of these situations, even after adopting all of the techniques of hair care, it turns into very tough to protect the hair. In this type of situation, using the use of some natural remedies available at domestic for hair care, you can make hair lovely.

Many human beings use many highly-priced products to save your hair fall and keep it wholesome. In which the facet outcomes of the chemical gift can in addition damage the hair. Whereas those easy home treatments will give your hair a stunning appearance in addition to complete nutrients. Let us recognize approximately them.

How to Manage Damage Hair:

Hair Care Routine for Damage Hair

Use avocado:

Avocados take into consideration a terrific supply of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Which works through disposing of the dryness of the hair and making them silky and shiny. For this, put together a paste using blending avocado and an egg and practice it on the hair. Then after 20 mins wash the hair with clean water.

Olive oil could be useful:

Olive oil i.E. Olive oil may be very wholesome for fitness in addition to for hair. In a bowl, warm a few olive oils and massage them to the hair. Then cover it with a plastic bag and wash the hair after about 45 mins. This will make the hair very smooth.

Use tea:

Black tea works to feature nourishment to the hair. Therefore, wash your hair with black tea or normal tea made without milk and sugar. Due to this, the hair will become black and silky.

Apply apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a sort of vinegar, that’s easier to be had inside the marketplace. It helps in putting off the dryness and dandruff of the hair. To make its hair mask, take a touch of apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Now blend olive oil and egg in it. Apply this hair mask on the hair and wash it off with shampoo after forty-five minutes.

Hair care with vegetable oil:

With the help of vegetable oil i.E. Botanical oil, you could keep hair beautiful and wholesome. The listing of vegetable oils includes coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Massage the hair with some vegetable oil a few hours earlier than shampoo and cover it with a bathing cap and depart it for half an hour. Then wash the hair with shampoo.

Sandalwood can be effective:

Sandalwood is counted among the cold materials. In any such state of affairs, you may use sandalwood oil to make hair tender and brilliant. For this, rub down the hair by mixing sandalwood oil and olive oil.

Include omega-three inside the weight-reduction plan:

Omega-three intake may be very critical for better hair fitness. If you want, you can additionally take omega-3 tablets with the recommendation of docs. This helps in retaining the hair wholesome by using gratifying the deficiency of fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid in the frame.

Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

Good hair care is wanted for stunning and healthful hair. Due to no longer take proper care of hair, one might also need to face cut-up hair, hair fall, dandruff, and many other hair-related problems.

For hair growth, many people use beauty merchandise containing chemical substances. They damage your hair ultimately. So, you have to try to observe those easy tremendous recommendations.

How to Manage Growth of Hair :

Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

Say goodbye to this behavior:

Some terrible behavior is also liable for making our hair bad like tight hairstyles, not combing the hair well, combing moist hair, an immoderate use of heating gear. Due to this behavior, the hair gets broken and starts offevolved breaking. So say goodbye to those conducted as quickly as feasible.

  • Do not make the sort of tight coiffure of hair, which puts stress on the hair.
  • Make certain to brush your hair at least two times a day.
  • If you are washing your hair at night, then sleep best after it dries.
  • Avoid the use of straighteners, curlers, and dryers. If ever the use of it, then absolutely practice warmth protectant.

Deep conditioning:

Do deep conditioning of your hair once per week. For this, you could use a hair mask. By applying hair masks, dull hair also receives existence, and damage manipulation is accomplished. You can also put together hair masks for this at domestic. For this, prepare a mask using a banana, Multani mitti, two spoons of honey, 1/2 a bowl of curd, and half of a lemon and start applying it leaving two inches from the roots of the hair and practice until the ends of the hair. Wash the pinnacle after applying the p.C. For about an hour.

Warm oil rubdown:

It may be very important to moisturize the scalp on occasion. Hot oil rubdown is an excellent way of this. Due to this, the hair receives nourishment and critical nutrients together with moisture. This makes the hair healthful and their increase improves. Do hot oil massage at least twice a week.

Practice oil frequently:

Applying oil frequently makes hair beautiful. Put a touch oil in the palms of your arms or without delay in your scalp and rub down your scalp for 10 to fifteen mins. Applying oil to your hair often helps in preserving its shine and moisture.

Washing hair twice a week is enough:

In the Corona period, humans are negligible to exit the house, in this kind of situation, the hair does not ought to face dirt, soil, and pollution. So washing the hair twice per week is sufficient. Washing an excessive amount ends the loss of moisture in the hair. Even if you go out of the house ordinary, avoid washing your hair each day and cover your hair while leaving the residence.

Avoid using heating gear:

Avoid the use of heating gear like a hairdryer for your hair. Using a heating gear on an everyday foundation regularly damages your hair. In the longer term, it makes your hair dry and useless.

Use a wood comb:

Always use a wooden comb to comb your hair. Wood combs are carbon-based totally. It protects the scalp from the chance of scratches. It also works to defend the hair from tangling and breakage. It also reduces itching on the scalp. It also facilitates in making hair develop faster.

Wholesome meals:

As good deal as hair care is essential from out of doors, it’s far equally important to get nourishment from the interior. Include foods for your weight loss plan that comprise omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, and other crucial nutrients and vitamins. Include eggs, berries, spinach, fish, flaxseed, almonds, avocados, carrots, beets, and many others. Inside the food regimen.

As an awful lot as hair care is important outdoor, it is equally essential to get nourishment from the interior. Include foods in your diet that incorporate omega-three fatty acids, biotin, and other crucial nutrients and vitamins. Include eggs, berries, spinach, fish, flaxseed, almonds, avocados, carrots, beets, etc. Inside the weight-reduction plan.

Hair Care Routine for Curly Hairs

Whether the hair is lengthy or brief, it is very painful to untangle it if it receives tangled. If you leave them like this, they tend to get lumpy and then begin to dry out. In fixing this, it starts breaking, because of which the hassle of split hair starts. This type of hassle is regularly seen in curly hair. It comes to such a volume that we have to forcefully cut it.

If you need to prevent your curly hair from getting tangled and dry, then follow a few clean steps. Not only this, but these tips also are very useful for the right care of curly hair.

How to Manage Curly Hairs :

Hair Care Routine for Curly Hairs

Make a safe hairstyle:

Do not try to make any tight or awkward coiffure in curly hair. Instead, attempt easy hairstyles like ponytails, buns, fishtail braids, or pinnacle knots, and keep away from tying them up. You should keep in mind that while slumbering, use a satin or silk headscarf to cowl your hair and then make a simple braid. With this, your hair will now not get tangled at all until the next wash.

Always observe conditioner after shampooing:

Whatever your hair kind, conditioner should be a crucial part of your hair care routine. Especially if you have thick or dry hair. Because thick, coarse, and dry hair loses moisture very quickly and it appears very tough in comparison to other hair. That’s why it is very critical to apply conditioner.

Let us tell you that a hair conditioner no longer only lubricates the cuticles of your hair but additionally protects the hair from vividness and tangle. According to specialists, the conditioner has to be used greater than shampoo to avoid tangling curly hair. Make sure that you detangle your hair earlier than shampooing so that no knots stay in the hair whilst washing.

Use hair serum:

Hair serum is like the superhero of hair, protecting it from tangling. It nourishes your hair and additionally makes it clean, which makes the hair shine and stay frizzed loose. The serum has to be implemented lightly on your damp or dry hair without reaching the roots. By the next wash, your curly hair could have an extremely good shine.

Tie your hair whilst workout:

Sweaty hair at the same time as exercise can make your scalp greasy. It may even grow to be the reason for tangling the hair. Therefore, to keep the knots away, even as running out, your curly hair must be tied tight.

Sleep on silk pillows:

If you have curly hair, you should sleep on a silk pillowcase in place of the usage of cotton or another cloth pillow. That’s due to the fact when you sleep at night, the friction between your hair and the pillow can motivate your hair to get tangled. To avoid this sort of situation, professionals advise dozing on silk or satin pillows.

Hair Care Routine for Straight Hairs

Many human beings like the immediacy and vivid hair, but do you recognize that directly hair additionally needs care. Those who have naturally instantly hair no longer have any problem looking after their hair. But in case you get your hair immediately, then it desires several cares.

That is why today we are going to come up with some such tips through which you could take care of your direct hair.

How to Manage Straight Hairs:

Hair Care Routine for Straight Hairs


Use a mild moisturizing shampoo for immediate hair, as it will tangle if the hair will become too dry. With this, you could deal with your instantly hair.

Comb Always:

Combine your hair nicely earlier than washing, no longer after washing. Because hair is more sensitive after washing. And combing in this type of situation will wreck the hair and motive two mouths.

Avoid Heat:

Styling Avoid warmth styling as a good deal as feasible, because it makes the hair very dry. It additionally comes with blow dyeing. So permit the hair to dry on its very own.

Split Ends Hair:

Split ends hair is more and gives a glance. So preserve trimming the hair now and then.


Your food plan appears at the health of your hair. Increase the amount of protein in your weight-reduction plan. This will keep your hair wholesome. If there is a loss of protein inner you, then your hair will wreck extra.

Oil Massage:

Massage your scalp with Vitamin E oil. This will make your hair long and thick. Keep in mind that while washing the hair, the moisture of the hair must not be misplaced, otherwise your hair will start searching dry.

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