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Skincare Routine: Tips For Dry | Oily and Acne-Free Glowing Skin

Skincare Routine: Tips For Dry | Oily and Acne-Free Glowing Skin
Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine should be very important to take care of because damages skin not good to see. In addition, if we talk about our face, Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful skin, but it is not magic. For this you need to be healthy, only then your skin will glow. Lifestyle, pollution, stress, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the skin. But if you follow a proper skincare routine, it will protect and manage your skin from damage.

This blog will give you some important tips which are related to your oily, dry, and glowing skin. If you see any such issue in your skin, then don’t worry, there is a solution to all your problems. You have to take some measures for problems, which we have told completely in this blog, so read it completely.

Before following a good skincare routine, it is important for you to know what your skin type is. It is only after knowing what your skin type is that you can think of the right skin care regimen. Let’s start here.

Oily Skincare Routine

People are troubled by oily skin and stickiness. Mostly, during the summer they face a lot of problems with their oily skin. Why our skin is oily? So, sebaceous glands are skin substances. When sebaceous glands produce are large quantity of oil in your skin that means your skin gets oily and sticky.

Skincare Routine

Oily skin finds in some situations like:

  • Teenagers: when you are over 13 years old, your skin produces more oil and acne starts appearing in it.
  • Puberty: this happens during any kind of Harmon change so, you will notice increased oiliness in your face during puberty
  • Menstruation: before menstruation, a lot of women complain of increased oiliness and develop acne on their face.
  • Genetic: If your family member had very oily acne-prone skin, then the chances of oiliness are high in your skin.

How to treat oily skin?

Face Wash: If you have oily skin, I suggest you use a facewash that contains 2% salicylic acid. It helps to the removed dead skin layer and reduces oil production from the oil-forming glance on the face. You must know that washing your face more than twice is not recommended. Apart from this, you can use Benzoyl peroxide face wash to reduce acne.

Don’t Use Scrubs: please stay away from scrubs because, if you scrub on oily skin, it is not good. If you have acne-prone skin then any scrub which you apply to your face is irritated your skin. Even more, it makes your acne appear redder than baseline. If you use salicylic acid face wash then you do need to scrub your face.

Use Shampoo: people with oily skin also have oily scalp. If you do not have to wash your hair regularly then increase the chances to have acne on your forehead. Also, from the side of your chin, and side bone area. so, it is important to shampoo your hair regularly. If you have any kind of issue, wash your hair on alternate days.

Don’t Use Toner: People who have oily skin like to apply toner. It is keep dry your skin for some hours. These toners have alcohol, I don’t recommend using any kind of toner on your face. You can just use plain rose water, socked rose water on cotton, and apply it gently to your face. It is best instead of using toner.

Dry Sensitive Skincare Routine

Dry skin can be a very annoying condition, especially in winters. If you have atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis these can lead to the appearance of dry skin. Dry skin occurs if you’re suffering from hypothyroidism or any kind of renal disease. In these conditions, you have to good care of your skin.

Skincare Routine

Causes of Dry Skin

  • Living In Cold Climates: Having dry skin is totally depending on living In cold climates. When the weather is cold then undoubtedly your skin will be dry.
  • Hot Showers: Hot showers also increase the dryness level on your face. I recommended you do not wash your face with hot water. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Baths or Scrubbing: Don’t take shower more than 2 times a day. Bath and scrubbing make your skin drier which is not good for your skin.
  • Experimenting With Skincare Products: Normally most people experiment with their skin care products which make your skin drier. So, please stop experimenting with skincare products.

How to Treat Dry Skin?

  • Drink Plenty Of Water: Hydration is very important for everyone and your dry skin also, so drink water as much as possible.
  • Use Moisturizer: moisturizer is good for your dry skin. As you know that you have dry skin and you apply any moister which is suitable for you it rehydrates and enhances the capacity of the skin to hold water.
  • Avoid Hot Showers: Especially I would say don’t take hot showers it is not good for your dry skin.
  • Use Nourishing Products: Dryness increase more problems on your skin so, that is your responsibility to know what is good for your skin. I must say that use highly nourishing products even if they are facewash, moisturizer, shampoo, etc. Use nourishing products instead of using the one which has a lot of fragrance and chemicals.

Glowing Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine


The antioxidant content of milk and milk products is known to fight oxidation damage in your body and helps in the skin health restoration process. This is making our skin look healthy and glowing. Daily drink one glass of milk for your good health as well as apply milk on your face to improve your glow.


Aloe vera gel is made up of 80% water, which contains lots of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. It is working to make your skin really soft and glowing. This is the reason why it is completely safe to use it every single day. Gently apply aloe vera for 5 to 10 minutes on your face.


Water is important for good health. It keeps your body hydrated, and refreshed and helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. People who drink large amounts of water are less likely to have scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.


Ice cubes must be good for various types like Heals and preventing acne, Reducing puffy eyes, Eliminating dark circles, and glowing skin. If your skin is sensitive so, do not apply ice cubes directly on your face. A towel or cold compress works best. Do not leave an ice pack or cube on a particular area of your face for more than a minute.


Yogurt is rich in zinc and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains probiotics that restore your skin naturally. Try to add yogurt to your daily brunch. It is good for health and skin. Yogurt has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can help prevent acne breakouts and ensure glowing and healthy skin.


Rose water locks the moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated from within. In this way, it helps in moisturizing the face for a long time and gradually lightens the suntan. You have to apply it on your face every day with the help of cotton before sleeping at night. Rose water also acts as a great skin toner. Not only – but also rose water helps in removing the accumulated oil on the face. The effect of rose water is considered very cold, so if you use it for sunburn, you will feel relief. It also protects the skin from irritation or rashes due to sunburn.


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